One of the strange word which I mostly heard in last seven  years  was sanction , when the first time I saw this word  in newspaper actually I thought it’s will be the dangerous  but after a lot of investigation in the internet and asking  my commercial colleague I understood this word just means business for kind of group and individuals .

 But actually what is the sanction?

   As I got from my commercial colleague, if someone or any company  in the sanction list of UN or US ,it  means nobody from entire world could not make any type of business with him and if someone did not follow the rule will be punished by US and UN .

    so how this process could make new business for  someone  , let me explain with and example suppose u are registered company in China or United Emirates  which is not physical  company and it’s just paper’s one  ,of course u should  have some connection in Iranian governmental company who are going to forward you  any procurements activities , so the Iranian governmental company will issue all the procurements order to your paper ‘s name company located in China instead of the original producer which is located in any other company who’s following the sanctions against IRAN ,

So yours paper’s one company will forward your order directly to original producer and will forward you all the good directly or indirectly  with 50% percent  cost more , and this 50% cost of normal procurement will go the paper’s company account .

Imagine what should be happened if the paper’s one company owner will be the Iranian governmental representative and he claimed he is helping to company with this procedure.

   As result sanction word may make bad feeling to any people who’s have any connection with foreign company , but simultaneously will make sweet for others


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