How to change water cooler fan?

Water cooler is one of the most important equipment which is used as cooling system for most of the Iranian cities; of course this equipment is very simple and efficient.



I bought one of the brand new water cooler (General four) one months ago and we satisfyed with it and we excited it works  very soft without any more noise so we are happy with that .

One week ago my wife call me and inform me they were hearing strange and intense noise from water cooler so I ask her to turn off and let me check , when I get home after my routine work , I went to roof and check immediately, something strange everything was ok but when I revolve the fan by hand the fan revolving by itself without shaft , I was excited how is possible, I have never seen such problem .

So first I think maybe I am wrong and it should be solved by replacing with new bearing I bought new bearing and changed the old with new one , so the problem still there and nothing changed .

So I asked the technician to check and after he saw the water cooler he excited too and said he have never seen such problem since he started this kind of job .

He ask me to buy new fan and he promise to change the fan ASAP.

One day later it was Friday and every tools shop was closed I was looking for open shop and finally I find the fan somewhere and bought 1 set , so I get the fan and wait to have time for change it .


When I was starting to replace the fan I find the new problem , the shaft was not going inside fan easily and I have to use hammer , that was my big mistake , the fan تاب پیدا کرد  and I think this fan are not going to work anymore and it should make noise absolutely .

So  I decided to buy another fan with new shaft , I do that and changed it by myself I check the fan it works like before

Critical point :

1-      Never buy any fan without shaft

2-      Never use any hammer or any other tools for shaft assembling

3-      Replacing fan is very easy and no need any training

























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