What is your dream journey?

The dream is an exciting issue that everybody has or wish in their lives . to me I had many journeys in my life and some of my dreams were placed on that journey but still I have the dream journey that I wish it will happen soon.

     Firstly, I wish the journey which is going to start from the city that I am not going back there  For example, when I was student in Tehran university in the middle or end of the semester all students wanted to visit their family and  had to travel to their hometown , every time I used to left Tehran  at night when the weather completely  got dark, when I got on the bus I felt I am more relax than any time , I have never experienced those types of feelings after I finished my education.

Secondly, I wish to start my travel with someone who's eager to come with me without any schedule, just volume up the car player and listen to music, who's going to talk to me during the journey  According to my experience, I had never had any journey without precise schedule

Thirdly, I wish to have journey where we could rent cottage near the sea and jungle, during the morning I could wake up and sit around the sea and listen to sea waves, after the weather gets hot I could drive the car into jungle and relax there till the weather start to getting cold, so I could go to swimming in the sea with my partner, of course this is not possible in my country

To conclude, my journey should start in the dark night without any schedule, renting the cottage near the sea and jungle with a beautiful landscape which I could enjoy from jewel and sea simultaneously during the day with my lovely partner. 

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