Document Control and secretaries activities

Something completely wrong

What should you do if you employed by EPC contractor as PMO manager and face with this problem 

  Secretary and DCC activities are doing by same people for different projects and the administration departments want to assign them position based on organization chart .

According to organization chart the DCC activities should done centralized by DCC department , but there is no DCCdepartments and all project just doing these type of activities by secretary who employed as DCC expert

    I’ve seen different organization chart for DCC department in different EPC contractors but this one strange singular , these two position completely different and I don’t know how such issue should be happened in such big company .


    The main issues:

1-      Project manager satisfy with this situation and thinks they are on right side .

2-      Administration departments want to assign secretary position to these staff .

3-      The named staff claim they are not secretaries , they employed as DCC Eng or expert .


Proposed Methods to fix :


1-      Establish centralized DCC departments and archive all project which already  in PAC phase

2-      Transfer DCC activities from secretaries to DCC experts  for suspended or new started Project   

3-    Transfer all DCC activities from secretaries to DCC people within all ongoing project



               All project managers are oposite 

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