Ideal Partner for Learning English

Learning English would be boring activity for non-native speakers who’re living in their country , following the wrong method could waste the learners time and make them bored and even may courage them to stop learning .

   Having the effective partner could speed up any language learning specially learning new language , because u have to repeat everything  u are learning and need someone to make any encourage and incentive thing , otherwise the learning process should be very boring .

     But which criteria should be considered during selecting any partner to speed up learning process , beside of general criteria like sex , age, nationality , accent , honestly, behavior, field of study and even type of family the special criteria should be considered during finding any language partner.

      The main critical success factor should be the partners time, how much they are going to assign the time for learning and how often they are going to be ready for each other, for English learning the time should be considered dairy and minimum  one hour per day  , the different between time zone is very important if u are going to find any partner from different country of yours.

       The other criteria which should be very important is the communication tools, fortunately recently because of the internet we have different app to make voice call and video call in order to make English conversation  and different software to use for writing and exchanging via internet , but with this huge communication never forget to have face to face meeting with ur partner regularly , it should be helpful to create strong  confidence between partners and encourage them to help each other and follow the learning rules.

    The third criteria which  may be more important than others for some people  is the current English level of the partners , I prefer to start with who is in higher level of mine or at least will be in the same level of me  .

    Learning English could be fun and make new opportunities for everyone with selecting eager partner or waste the valuable time  for who did not care about finding right partner.



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